After being diagnosed with Diabetes, Tony Peck decided that he wasn’t willing to give up his beloved sauces or his health.

Lots of articles about reducing sugar suggested cutting out Tomato Ketchup, BBQ and Brown sauces but for Tony this did not seem like an option he could maintain as well as enjoying his food.

After beginning to make his own sauces that were both gluten free and low in sugar using sweeteners such as Stevia, Tony was enjoying sauces while also knowing he was keeping to a healthy lifestyle that wouldn’t affect his diabetes.

The brand Stoffell’s comes from Tony’s family’s original food company.  Based in Bath from the mid 1800’s the Stoffell’s brand has a long heritage of representing healthy food, quality and service.

Tony developed a range of sauces and we now have four delicious savoury sauces suitable for those following a healthy lifestyle or who look for gluten-free options. Instead of adding sugar or glucose syrups that are used to sweeten most products Stoffell’s has only natural sugars. Stoffell’s Sauces are sweetened with Stevia which has virtually no calorific value and does not trigger a glycaemic response, so is safe for those with diabetes. The other ingredients bring their own natural flavours to the mix.

Having started by making small batches in his kitchen to start with, Stoffell’s Sauces are now produced by partner Phoenix Speciality Oils Limited at their BRC AA certified production facilities in Nottingham.