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Posted: July 4, 2014

When I was first trying to reduce the sugar in my own diet, I read this in the Sunday Times: “Systematically eliminate all the bad stuff. Without even looking, you can throw away Ketchup, Barbecue sauce and any other Brown sauce you may be partial to.”

So I started to make my own sauces, without the sugar. When other people tried it, I got great responses about their taste.

I believe that the news coverage on added sugar being responsible for widespread poor health and obesity is driving more consumers to seek lower sugar options.

I feel that the need for lower sugar food crosses many food categories.

So I’m thinking of setting up a new food business, initially developing a range of delicious savoury sauces, preferably organic, without the hidden sugars.

Instead of the sugar or sugar based / glucose syrups that characterises most of the products in this market, my sauces will only have the natural sugars, (e.g. from tomatoes) and only be sweetened with Stevia, a more natural sweetener, which has virtually no calories and does not trigger a glycemic response.

Where do you see the greatest need?